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Lean Solutions
HOFONG would like to provide a Lean Solution for Wholesale, Repair Shop, Retail Shop and Refurbishing Business in cellphone aftersales maintenance market.
Online Resellers
Wholesale or Distributors
Repair Shop
Refurbishing Factories
Full range of cell phone parts and accessories for option
Mobile phone LCD Screen, Battery, Touch Pad, Flex Cable, Housing, Small Parts...
Cell phone accessories and repair tools and machine sourcing...
LCD Screen Manufacturing and Assembly
Our manufacturing and assembly capacities enable us to supply LCD Screen with high quality, or we can even offer OEM service of LCD screen to meet your demand of craftsmanship.
Customized Service of Packaging
We provide custom packing solution as customer request, including individual package design and suggestion, highlight your brand and be different.
A more friendly after-sale policy
HOFONG after-sale service will be different, we provide flexible return and refund method, and there is multi-solution for option, to save your cost.